Sweet Surprises

Spring in earnest has arrived at our house. We came home late last Wednesday from eight beautiful days on Maui and woke the next morning to a front lawn dotted with purple azaleas.

SS Dogs

Not black dogs—that was purple azaleas.

SS Bogart

What you didn’t hear that buddy? I said purple azaleas.

SS Azaleas

Sometimes you guys don’t realize what I go through just for one picture.  The azaleas are quite pretty.

SS Azalea CloseupBack when we were adding all the new landscaping last spring, I had no idea that all those sweet, little bushes would turn out to be azaleas decked out in purple each spring.  We were https://bigwhitehouseonthehill.wordpress.com/2015/06/18/making-a-statement/ and let the landscapers have free reign.  They did well.  Me and the MR were talking about adding in some annuals like last year.  It might be too early for the new guinea impatiens that brought such nice color.  The deer did really like to nibble them, so maybe a less tasty option would work better.

The original owners lined the drive with barberry and candytuft.  Over the winter, it gets a bit scraggly-looking, and I wonder why we don’t just pull it out.  But on our return home, it was in full-bloom.

SS Candytuft

It looks lovely in all its glory and adds a bit of brightness along the driveway.

SS Candytuft Edging Drive

I think a little hint of white in our new planting beds might balance things out.  Wait and see.  I moved a little dirt and sorted out the worm bin, while the MR sprayed weeds, mowed the lawn and the meadow, used the weed eater in the orchard and the steep hillside, and power-washed half the deck.  OK, so he tends to be a little more driven than I am. Our yard thanks him, and so do I.

How’s your yard looking this spring? Any wonderful surprises?




2 thoughts on “Sweet Surprises

  1. Oh wow, it all looks so lovely, and what a nice surprise upon your return. We went away for 3 days to celebrate our 53rd wedding anniversary, and came back to 4 different cacti sprouting huge blooms! We saw the enormous buds prior to leaving, and since each bloom only lasts a day, we were hoping that we wouldn’t miss the earliest one as it had 7 blooms. Well, we did miss those, but there were 10 more blooms that opened a bright yellow the morning we returned. Now the pink ones are starting on another smallish cacti, and the red ones have bumps but no real buds yet. We had fantastic rain storms all weekend, which soaked everything, so in a week or two the whole yard should be in full bloom, and the rosemary is starting as I write. Spring has Sprung. Glad your trip was memorable. MeeMee and Papa

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