Another Awesome April

Ok, so I wasn’t around much in April/ The big white house sat empty—for three weeks. Or maybe the housesitter counts? I don’t know. But even though we were far from home, April was awesome.

I have big plans to share some of our travels, but thankfully gardens and orchards continue to grow without me and the MR.

We have lavendar taking off on the steep slope below the well room.  I received some great advice on how to divide my plants when I posted about All That Swath of Purple Stuff, but I’ve been researching propigating options. Let’s be honest—it’s a big slope. I can afford to buy some more plants, but hundreds more? I’m not so sure. I’ll keep you posted.


I was out wandering the other day, and couldn’t find any sign of foxgloves.  Cross your fingers that it’s just too early. I do really love that hillside clothed in purple. Four years may have passed, but the meadow in bloom is still the background on my computer.

Coming home to garden beds in color was wonderful. I love these Sweet Azalea Surprises..

SS Azaleas

And a little Unexpected Bounty in the garden is fine with me. Remember how I said I’d taken pictures of our soup? Well, I really did, and after some searching, I actually found pictures our French Onion Soup.

April Soup

I told you it was tasty.  It’s never a bad idea to try and recreate fond memories of the past in food form. The bean burritos I lived on in my first apartment may be the exception to that rule. Let’s just say cheese was a luxury.

And the other day, I shared the Sweet Scent of Success in the form of apple blossoms that will some day turn into apples— cross your fingers, knock on wood.

SSofS Apple Blossoms

The currants and blueberries are more of a sure thing. They just don’t look as pretty outlined against the valley.

Sweet Miss saved me from totally relying on the landscaping and orchard for inspiration. She came to the rescue when I procrastinated. I know you’re mother is perfect; unfortunately I’m not, and sometimes my kids have to bail me out. Anyways, when I couldn’t put a photo collage together on my phone, she could on the laptop that her parents (that would be me and the MR) bought her. So I wasn’t succesfful, but she was with the tools that we gave her.

Thank you for coming through in the lurch. These photos just make me happy on so many levels.

SMTTR Photo Collage

I guess it’s not about perfection, or losing 10 pounds, or not raising your eyebrow at the crazy waiter who’s taking way to long to take a silly photo, it’s about all the memories you share with those you love.

And Sweet Miss also featured in this wonderful post about yarn and coming home safely. Despite the tragedy in Brussels, despite St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, and despite the 100th Anniversary of the Irish Uprising complete with a full military parade for several hours, Her Mama’s Girl made it home in one piece bringing with her beautiful Irish wool.  Very cool; but coming home safe and sound—even better. And yes, I do have plans for that lovely wool.


We also traveled to Maui and Cancun, enjoyed dinners with friends, and evenings just me and my guy, we laughed, we played, we even went to work.April was good, and May is looking even better.

How was your month?


One thought on “Another Awesome April

  1. What a lovely update. Thank you, and knowing that your family is healthy and happy and grateful also makes Papa and myself very happy. and proud of you. Love MeeMee

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