Sweet Dreams

Last month during our travels, I became enamored with turn down service.  It wasn’t simply fluffed pillows, turned down sheets, and a bit of chocolate on the pillow, it was a wish or a blessing, ancient sayings and tiny prints. 

On Maui, little cards declared, “May the waves of the Pacific caress you dreams with tenderness” and “Sleep soundly with the scent of ginger blossoms.” 

In Cancun it was inscrutable Mayan sayings and art. 

Maybe these resonate so strongly with me, because I still kiss my grown up girls on the forehead and wish them sweet dreams before bed when we’re together. 

Perhaps if we turn our thoughts to good things, sweet smells, blessings, and beauty before bed, we’d have fewer restless nights chasing sleep. 

I know when I’m bogged down with busyness and my to-do list stretches long, sleep flies out the window. 

So much of life is about perspective. 

Wishing you sweet dreams and a little chocolate. 


One thought on “Sweet Dreams

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