The Price of Progress

A field of foxgloves with our house in the background has been the desktop picture on my computer for the last four years.

Foxgloves below the meadow

I was lucky enought to just stumble on this field of flowers by chance. Me and MR had been talking about adding lavender to the hillside, and I went out to find our own, ready-made swath of purple. You can see the flaws in our house—how the underside of the deck is falling to pieces. Drip lines run down the side of the girls’ wing, and bright blue paint outlines the roof.  We had so much to do, but somehow that meadow, filled with flowers, made it seem possible.

Over the years, the house has been painted and the deck repaired. We’ve added the orchard and the MR has mowed back the weeds and the brambles in the meadow. Somehow, in all that progress, our flowers were lost.

House & Orchard

I can still find a few scattered foxgloves here and there. A single stalk near the driveway made me go in search of more.


Later this summer, we’ll be enjoying apples and plums, and the currants are beginning to turn lovely shades of red. While I love the harvest and the progress it symbolizes, a part of me will always miss the wild beauty of the meadow.

We planted lavender on the steep hill below the well room, and Russian sage near the new retaining wall. They’re both doing well, and someday, we’ll have civilized blooms taking over our tangle of weeds.

Lavender on the Hill

But we’ll always have room for a few foxgloves.

What’s your favorite wild flower? Any bitter-sweet progress reports?




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