May Days

I started the month of May visiting the girls down in Oregon, and we ended the month with them visiting us here over Memorial Day Weekend.


Baby Girl is finishing up her first year of college, and Sweet Miss is getting ready to graduate. The time is flying by. We had kids over, went to the movies and out to dinner, attended church and a BBQ, and even had time to play some cards. I love it when my girls are home.

BG spent a good amount of time on her final project—a vacation home for some pretend doctor from Seattle and his family. I’m no expert, but as her mom, I think it looks pretty amazing. We’re hoping to see the cardboard model when she’s all done.

BG & Drawing

With graduation excitement, moving, and trips, Sweet Miss has a lot on her plate, so we decided to give her one of her graduation presents early. We were out wine tasting when we came across this watercolor of sunflowers—her favorite painting—and decided to buy it for her. We gave her some cash for her big trip to Scandanavia, but thought it would be nice to have something tangible for such an achievement.

SM & her painting

It’s been an arty kind of month. In Bit by Bit I shared the new painting by the artist, Teri Edwards, that we found on Etsy. We still haven’t balanced it out, but I know we’ll get there.

BbB in place

And remember me and the MR’s Trip to Maui? We went to the goat dairy, and the vodka distillery, and the lavender farm. Well, I was at this cooking class waiting for it to start when I received a message from one of my blogging friends, Rita, who is an artist. She was asking my permission to paint a picture inspired by my photo of the lavender fields. How exciting is that? Of course I said yes! You can see it now on her blog New York North Fine Art. It’s quite lovely, and to be honest much prettier than the real life view in early spring when nothing’s quite in bloom.

ToTT Lavender

After sharing tidbits from Hawaii, we moved on to Cancun. We enjoyed beautiful beaches and accomodations, excellent food and service, and simply had a wonderful time. If only I could figure out how to get the MR to bring me a blackberry smoothie while I lounge on the deck.

ToT2 Pool

We started off the month with the Garden Expansion. Sadly, it looks much the same is it did back then. Sure, we have broccoli, beets, and onions doing well. But the new bed is still in a halfway-there state. We could use a little sunshine on the weekends to help get some jobs done.

The plants I bought at the FFA plant sale up at the high school are Filling in the Holes well adding bits of color. The heuchera is going to be a nice permanent addition and the geraniums are starting to take off. I’m hoping they’ll bloom all summer long.

C Flower Bed

I shared my bounty from the Local Yarn Tour and my thoughts on how little stores are disappearing As Society Changes. While shopping online is really convenient, and I do more than my fair share, I do like to buy local when I have the opportunity. Before we know it, these little stores will be a thing of the past.

I also showed pictures of The Price of Progress. Our meadow of foxgloves has turned into an orchard over the last four years. This was not meant to be an enditement against my husband or his dad’s mowing habits, but I did receive a couple of packets of foxglove seeds from Papa Larry. Thank you. That was very kind.

That first spring in the house, we were dealing with mice, and ladybugs, and a rotten deck, and siding bubbling up, and soffits falling off. Let’s just say, I was feeling a little overwhelmed when I noticed the field of wildflowers, and they gave me a little hope.

Now the house is in much better shape, the rodents and bugs are less of a problem, and maybe we had to say goodbye to most of the foxgloves. But I picked the first of the currants last night and admired tiny apples and plums that we’ll snack on this season. It’s been a small price to pay.

More Foxgloves

Now, just like those fancy hotels, I can wish you Sweet Dreams. In Mexico, they offered Mayan sayings and paintings. In Hawaii, they called on the sights and sound that are so much a part of paradise. In that light, I can wish that you be rocked to sleep like the gentle swaying of the dandelions, or perhaps that the call of the coyote and the hoot of the owl will carry you to dream land. Maybe I should let the professionals make these up. My girls are satisfied with a kiss on the forehead. I’m sure they wouldn’t say no if that was accompanied by a piece of chocolate. More often than not, these days they have to settle for a Bitmoji.

Sleep Well

How was your May? Any big plans this summer?









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