A Little Color, A Little Softness

While I was away visiting the girls last month, the MR went shopping. I guess he was taking a page out of my book.

He bought some new deck furniture on Overstock that looks great. It’s a little small in scale. My advice is to always read the reviews. Sure, some of the people are crazy, have a bone to pick, don’t know what they’re talking about, but there’s always some bit of truth sprinkled in.

It still makes for a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings or to while away an afternoon.

Outdoor Furniture Alone

While I like the clean lines and the plain cushions, I think a little softness and color add a lot.

Outdoor Seating 2

I found the outdoor carpet that over-wintered in the garage and whipped up a few pillows in outdoor fabric in an afternoon. A little more of this and that, and the seating area outside our bedroom will be truly fabulous.

Outdoor Seating

A side table and the lanterns from the front porch would add some color and some fun. Then I could watch Cocoa chase the deer away in style and watch the hummingbirds visiting the sage and ticking at me for not putting out their feeders on time.

If you’re outdoor furniture is falling behind in the “cushy” department, a few well placed pillows can work wonders.

I’ll post a tutorial on pillow making later this month when Sweet Miss has graduated from college, everybody has been moved where they need to move, and Baby Girl is home for the summer. Let’s just say, my to-do list is a bit daunting at the moment.

Any tips on buying furniture online? Where do like to while away an afternoon?




4 thoughts on “A Little Color, A Little Softness

  1. It is beautiful! You and your mister work well together…………..looking forward to using it in a little over a week. MeeMee

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