A Piece of My Heart

This is a week of celebration. Sweet Miss and Her Fella’ are graduating from college.

Time marches on. I still remember Sweet Miss and Baby Girl as little teenies filling our house with shouts and laughter, dancing and music, and some tears. BG is winding up her first year of college, and Sweet Miss is ready to take on the world.

Last year you may remember, I made a blanket for BG in her school colors.  I made the mistake of telling her sister that when BG was homesick, she could wrap herself up in the blanket, and it’d be like a hug from home. That’s when I heard that no one ever did that for her… OK, so sometimes it takes me a while to come up with these brilliant ideas. Let’s face it, those first-borns are guinea pigs.

With that in mind, I started working on a blanket for SM in late winter. It followed me everywhere and haunted my dreams. Last weekend, I made the decision that it was done, or at least I was done.

I hope Sweet Miss loves it and knows how much she is truly loved. We’re so proud of you.

SM Quilt

Sweet Miss’ school colors are orange and black, but she’s graduating, and I didn’t want to spend all that time and energy on a Halloween blanket. Hope she sticks with the beach theme for a while.

Here’s a little bit of the story behind the Beekeeper’s Quilt.

Dear Sweet Miss,

As I was sewing these blocks together, I laughed to myself and said I’d have to tell you all the places your quilt has traveled and the people it’s met along the way.

You see, your blanket has been my constant companion for months.  It’s known evenings of wine and laughter on the deck with your dad, and long car rides.  It’s hung out with Baby Girl in studio for hours and has been worked on in many a hotel room.  It’s filled quiet days at the yarn shop and spent a sunny afternoon at a park in Corvallis.

It’s laughed with ladies at knitting group talking of grandkids, husbands, and weddings, and it inspired a mom going through a difficult time on the flight back from Maui.  

It’s flown first class and coach and was almost derailed when I lost one of the needles on a sandy beach in Hawaii.  Poolside in Cancun turned out to be a safer bet.

It’s watched Castle and Bones and listened to good books and bad.  The pattern has been laid out and rearranged by Cocoa’s tail and the cleaning lady’s vacuuming.

The yarn is a mix of fancy hand-dyes, sturdy wools, and bits and pieces from my stash.  I picked some up at our little yarn shop here at home, some from one of the shops in Eugene, and another skein when the yarn tour took me to Seattle.  I had some sock yarn that I knew would never become socks, and some left over from a favorite scarf. 

Some were the perfect color, others added depth or a bit of light.  A few obnoxious hexagons  I had on hand were reworked into stripes that subdued the hues.

Sweet Miss, know that all 375 of these blocks were made with love.  That you were a wonderful child who brought light and joy into our lives, and now you’re an amazing woman with so many great things ahead of you.

Like this blanket, I hope in your life you will know hard work and laughter.  I hope you will explore new places and enjoy quiet days at home.  I hope you will be surrounded by those you love and the friends you’ve made along the way.  I hope no matter what you’ll work through problems and change the world for good.

The funny thing is, I know you will.

So here’s a little bit of home, a bit of my heart, to wrap yourself up in when you need a hug.



(You can check out Baby Girl’s Quilt at The Tale of a Blanket and the Books That Got Me There. This pattern is the Beekeeper’s Quilt by Stephanie Dosen published by tiny OWL knits.)

SM CloseUp Quilt



4 thoughts on “A Piece of My Heart

  1. The blanket is beautiful and will blend in with every decor. Your letter was also beautiful, full of hope and past and future and love. You are a wonderful Mommy.

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