Sweet Memories

Once upon a time, we used to celebrate the 5th of July. Yes, you read that right. The MR’s family all came into town from far-flung regions and sold fireworks. That meant, they were busy till the wee hours on the fourth, so they all congregated at our house on the fifth and celebrated the birth of our nation, a profitable week, and the joys of family all in one big shebang.

A lot of the time, me and the MR enjoyed a fairly quiet fourth, so we were prepared for the influx of people on the fifth. One memorable year, the invite list topped over 40. The MR had aunts, and uncles, and cousins, their kids, and their cousins, his mom and dad, and his sister and family on the list. I figured if I was in charge of that much food, what was a few more? So I invited my brother and his new fiance (who just happens to be one of my best friends) and called it even.

A barbecue for a dozen isn’t that big a deal; when you start talking 40, I get a little crazy. The girls and the MR used to use terms like “Mom would freak” when they were little. Forty people for dinner gets me stressed. Things were going fairly well, until my brother’s ex-wife and daughter showed up about an hour before he did. I really didn’t have a lot of time for chitchat. I needed to boil corn on the cob for 40 people. Before the night was over, I’d set pot holders on fire, but the food was great, the corn was fine, and I enjoyed visiting with a nice lady.

It was a beautiful summer day, and the hoards were gathered outside in the sunshine. All the guests made the appropriate ohhs and ahhs over my garden. The oriental poppies were a particular hit. That may have been the same year, that when I asked Baby Girl to plant her seed packet of zinnias in her plot, she planted them throughout the garden. We had three-foot-tall flowers scattered everywhere. It was a beautiful jumble.

Back to the poppies. I’d planted them in one area, and they’d spread around the yard over the years. All those kind people went home with a baggy of poppy seeds and my well wishes.

Kim's iphone 096

So when we were visiting Sweet Miss at the beginning of the month and stopped by the farmer’s market, I couldn’t help myself when I saw poppy heads filled with seeds for just 50-cents a piece.

The MR says the Russian sage he planted last year is starting to take off. The lavender is doing well, and his folks sent me seed packets of foxgloves to replace those that have disappeared. I think a few poppies should round off the rugged hills nicely. It’s the beginning of a new beautiful jumble.

Do you have those areas of you yard that you let go wild? What are they filled with? Foxgloves, poppies, sage, for-get-me-nots, plain old simple weeds?


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