Garden Box Update

Do you remember back in early spring when I started moving the blocks and taking down the raised beds in the garden?

Then remember when I was gone in late April into May visiting the girls, and the MR started building a new planting bed below the current garden? I posted pictures and was so excited and the project stalled. 

We had graduation, and company, and work stuff, and trips to Oregon. So when the MR and I walked down to the local Sandblast  festival on the river last Saturday, and he mentioned how sore he was, I immediately thought of the bathroom remodel and the heavy cement board he was putting up. 

The next day, I was gazing down off the deck, looking at my tomatoes that he’d freed from the Walks-O-Water, when he asked in surprise if I’d noticed the wall. 

The wall? Oh, that wall.  That’s why he was so tired. 

We are still in need of some good dirt—make that a lot of dirt. 

But my giant pumpkin seems happy in the compost and potting soil I’ve been dumping in the corner. I was so late getting it planted that it’s a good thing the growing season lasts through mid-October. 

After a chilly July, they’re predicting some heat. That’ll give my garden a boost. 

How’s your garden going?


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