Just Imagine

Last week, me and the MR spent a few days in Chelan at a B&B. We arrived in town in the early afternoon in search of lunch. 

From past visits, we knew Karma Vinewards  serves up a lot of tasty food, so that was our first stop. 

The chicken, Brie, and sautéed onion sandwich lived up to expectations, but it was the koi pond and beautiful grounds that captured my imagination. 

What if we built a waterfall like this on our steep slope above the meadow?

It would drown out the sound of traffic drifting up from the highway down in the valley. 

The MR—always the voice of reason—mentioned the amount of water it would require. Even on a closed system, you have to factor in evaporation. 

Oh… Over zealous watering has resulted in burst pipes in the past, and no showers or wash on Monday. It still is really pretty; maybe just not for us. 

Any backyard projects or inspiration to share?


5 thoughts on “Just Imagine

    • Get a bunch of rain barrels and catch it that way. Evaporation will still happen but, you can resupply from the barrels.

    • Well, thankfully, with our inverted roof, we haven’t had a waterfall down the middle of the house. Although the exhaust fans did get clogged with hail once, and they leaked all over my flowered chair. Maybe we’ll have a project for him the next time you guys visit. 🙂

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