A Little Friendly Competition

Hard to believe, but this sweet, little teenie is turning 22 tomorrow.

Sweet Miss

Sweet Miss was up visiting a few weeks back and suggested a Fitbit for a birthday present. Simple, easy, and to the point; this I could do. Amazon even shipped it for free with a gift message from me and the MR.

I had laughingly said we could be friends on Fibit. I had no idea what that would mean. I’m friends with my little brother who always has way more steps than I do, and his wife, and one of the MR’s co-workers. My sister-in-law has challenged me to Weekend Warrior to see who can get the most steps, but we’ve never gotten too competitive. I don’t feel like talking smack talk with her.

Sweet Miss’ Fitbit Alta arrived early, so I got a “thank you” phone call on Monday night. We became Fitbit friends, and then next thing you know, she’s challenging me daily to a step competition. No longer is my goal of 10,000 steps enough. I found myself pacing back and forth last night to pull a few hundred ahead.

I know she’s younger, and taller, and stronger, and prettier, but I can’t let my kid win all the time. I’m already the short, roundy mom. I don’t want to be the lazy mom, too.

 Unfortunately, I tend to go to bed first, so she’s beaten me every day so far. We have some exciting trips planned, so maybe then I’ll be able to beat her.  Me and the MR logged in more than 22,000 steps our first day in London wandering along the Thames.

Who knows? Mayb all this walking will help me lose that extra 10 pounds that I’ve been meaning to for years. I’m not the only one making an effort. Sweet Miss’ roommate sent Baby Girl a video of her walking crazily around their house.

At least I’m giving her a run for her money.

Happy Birthday Sweet Miss! You are loved.

Any exercise motivation tips?


3 thoughts on “A Little Friendly Competition

  1. I love that she is thinking of your health with he challenge, while secret concern sounds ominise. Happy 25th wedding anniversary on the 17th love Meemee and PapaLarry

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