A Little Drama

Our driveway has this dramatic turn at the bottom that gives visitors the first glimpse of our home.

When we first moved in, the house looked pretty good but the yard left a lot to be desired. (OK, so they both needed some help. We didn’t have any curtains in the master bedroom or bath, so I hung up panels from our last house. They make our shades looks so civilized in comparison.)

Outside view of master

Year after year, we’ve added a little of this and a little of that. And then last spring, the MR hired a friend to put in some landscaping for Baby Girl’s grad party. It was more than a tiny upgrade.

yard & house

Over the last year, the plants have started to fill in, and we added a few annuals from the high school’s FFA plant sale. I’m fairly please with the view these days.

But the MR always wants to go one step further. He decided landscape lighting was the ticket to really bump up the wow factor. He found some solar lights on Amazon with no wires and simple install.

These lights soak up the sun during the day and highlight our trees at night—a total win-win.

ALD Solar Lights in the Day

So in the day time, they look pretty good.

ALD Solar Light on Maple DT

And at night they look impressive, too.

ALD Light on Maple at Night

It’s rather nice to come home to this after taking the dog for her evening walk.

ALD Lights in the Dark

The 90-degree heat has done a number on the grass, but the cool days of autumn are on their way along with the accompanying rains. It’s fun to be able to add just a little light to the darkness or our valley.

Have you ever experimented with outdoor lighting?





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