An Upgraded Dining Experience

You know how sometimes you go shopping, and you come home and you’re like we bought a new dining room table, they’re delivering it on Thursday? Yeah, me neither.

With the MR on leave from his job this summer, we’ve had a lot more down time. We’ve had time for overnight trips and this and that which might even include shopping—one of the MR’s least favorite pursuits.

So yes, we did go shopping to an actual furniture store and buy a table and 10 chairs. (Our dining room is 15-feet wide, and no, that does not include the built-in china buffet. Let’s just say, we have a lot of space.) So we’re excited to be replacing the 20-year-old table from Ikea that has been up close and personal with both Sharpies and a spirograph and hasn’t seen the light of day without a tablecloth in many years.

Unfortunately, the guy at the store informed us that now was the time to be buying dining room furniture for Thanksgiving. Huh? This was weeks ago. It seriously takes three months for furniture to be delivered? Hmm…

Don’t worry; I took lots of great pictures. Yeah, right. I looked at relciners for my Dad while they were writing up the paperwork. So you’re just going to have to trust me that it’s going to be great.

Funnily enough, I was looking through my Pinterest board for the home and came across this picture.

I was shocked to see that it is very similar to the base we’re getting although we purchased from Leathers Furniture in Issaquah.

We ordered a 10-foot long solid wood top in a medium wood-tone.  Surrounded by glossy white cabinetry, the wood will add warmth to what can be a cold space. The chairs are complicated, so I’m not even going to try to explain them. Trust me; they’re going to be perfect for long family dinners gathered around the table.

Any dining room updates to share?


3 thoughts on “An Upgraded Dining Experience

  1. So glad Papa and I got to be along with you when the ‘big purchase’ took place. The only thing we have done to our dining room is to paint our 12 foot table with chalk board paint, and also the credenza next to it. Now when we play games after dinner, we are able to do it right on the table top with chalk……………thus saving paper! Whoopie do!!

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