Waste Not

Me and the MR were visiting friends last month. They have a quirky cabin on a lake in Idaho. 

When our hosts asked if we wanted some crab apples from their large trees out front, of course I said yes. 

Perhaps it’s because my dad was born during the Great Depression, or maybe it was because my own family felt the crunch when Boeing laid off so many in the early ’70s, or I guess it could be those early days of marriage when the cupboards werebare, but for whatever reason, I can’t say no to free food. 

Crab apples could be perfect in apple cake or perhaps apple butter. I could always look up recipes online. So together we picked a few bags, and me and the MR headed home. 

You know how it is when you get home from a few days away. You have laundry; you have to restock the fridge; the garden needs attention; you have to catch up on all those little household chores. 

Well those crab apples sat on the counter for one week—Sweet Miss was home visiting. And then they sat on the table for another week. The MR thought he saw bugs. Should he just throw them away?

I looked up recipes, but nothing caught my eye. Maybe I would make that apple cake. Then I cut into one of those babies. Have you ever tried to core a crab apple? Those suckers are hard—like rock hard. 

I decided they’d be a lovely addition to applesauce. Baby Girl reminded me of potential arsenic poisoning, but I removed all the seeds by running the cooked down apples through my Kitchenaid strainer. 

The crab apples mixed with a few of our own beauties keeps the sauce tangy. And the redness of the flesh and the peels turns the sauce a rosy pink color. 

Baby Girl put it to the taste test and gave it her stamp of approval. 

And now we have lovely pink sauce to remind us of fun times.

    Do you have a favorite recipe for crab apples?


2 thoughts on “Waste Not

  1. I seem to be the ultimate “waste not” advocate. If we have any left overs (that have not been on our plates), I put them in the freezer and eventually make the best ever soup, never to be duplicated!

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