Trees with Attitude

Sweet Miss was home a few weeks ago and asked what’s up with the trees. Funnily enough, I knew exactly what she was talking about. 

We have a lot of trees that appear to be copping an attitude.

Is that Pom-Pom pine making a rude gesture?

What’s up with the smoke trees? We aren’t they neatly pruned like the rest of the shrubs?

You see for her entire life, her dad had kept the trees and bushes trimmed up neat and tidy. What’s going wrong? 

Apparently you have to let trees grow a little so you can add another level. Me and the MR had a conversation or two s few months ago. I too was concerned that our well pruned trees and bushes looked a little scruffy. 

We’ll have to let our experiment run its course. Until then, please forgive our plants and their rude gestures. 

Any pruning tips?


2 thoughts on “Trees with Attitude

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