Garage Door Style

Have you ever given much thought to your garage doors? At our last home, they were the most forward part of the house—a huge part of the look of the place as you approached. Here, they’re tucked away. You see the east side of the house and deck, then you drive past the portico and the glass front doors, and finally at the far end, you come to the garage.

They were big, and white, and pretty uninspiring, but the were just garage doors, right? When the rest of the house looks good, who care about the garage doors?


If you take a closer look, they’re were starting to show their age.


The panels were beginning to warp, and they could use a paint job. But like I said, I didn’t give them a thought. It was the MR who decided we needed something new.

You see, he’s been taking some time off work since June and has spent a lot more time at home. While the desk set up is great after the sun goes down, or on a cloudy day, there’s a lot of time in the summer when it’s shining in your face and using the computer is anything but fun.

He’s thinking of setting up a home office in the old sewing room located off the garage, and more light in the garage might be nice. Currently, it’s pretty dark with an obnoxiously noisy overhead light.


The worms and the garbage cans don’t seem to mind, but the MR was thinking an upgrade was in order. And boy howdy did he choose a nice upgrade.


These doors are beautiful. The grid and glass carry on the pattern of grid and glass throughout the rest of the house. While the glass appears clear in the photo, it’s actually white satin-etched, so it offers privacy while letting in a ton of light. The rails are insulated, and the representative from Garage Tech told us it would provide better insulation than the old wood doors. While we have a space heater for use in the old sewing room, the garage can get quite cold during the winter.

The old door for the third bay didn’t have an automatic opener. So the MR upgraded to an electric one. I’m not the one who mows the lawn, but I have occasionally been called upon to open that door and just pushing a button has a certain appeal.

I know the outside looks gorgeous, but let’s move to the inside.


It’s crazy the amount of light these new doors let in. I know you’re dying to see the third bay. The MR has been cleaning, and organizing, and now it looks amazing.


This side of the garage has three large windows, so it’s always been much brighter than the smaller side, but now it’s crazy bright.


For the monthly wrap up, I’ll try to get a few photos in different light so you can see the opaque quality of the doors. I might even move my car and Baby Girl’s, so you can see how big the garage feels with the new doors. Simply adding light makes everything feel bigger.

When we moved in, we had to buy a new garage door opener. The old one failed while that move-in day, and we bought one from a local company. We decided to work with this same business, Garage Tech out of Bothell, for the new doors and were pleased with their products and services.

Glass-paneled doors make a lovely addition to our modern exterior.

Have you replaced your garage doors? What have you done to refresh your homes exterior?







3 thoughts on “Garage Door Style

  1. We love it, love it, love it!! It is striking from the out side, much like those little coffee houses newly housed in old gas stations, but oh so very sophisticated. And the inside is spectacularly bright. What need change, that we all didn’t even give a thought. Guess it is that “two heads are better than one”, thing. I can just see your MR doing wonderful things with the sewing room, and then maybe down the stairs to the wine cellar. Yippee for rooms to become new rooms. Good job MR.

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