Making the Most of It

You know how you have errands, and appointments, and commitments that force you to drive all over the place? Well, why not make the most of it?

Every six months or so, I have to visit a specialist in Seattle for my MS. It’s not a big deal—simply routine. The MR comes along, we fight traffic, catch up with my doctor for a few minutes, I drop the MR off at work, and then drive home. Simple enough, right?

Well, what if we decided to explore the wonders of Seattle instead of just driving home? We could play tourists and make a day of it. That’s what we decided to do a few weeks ago when my semi-annual appointment rolled around.

We went to the doctor and then headed on over to the Seattle Center where the old fun forest amusement park has been replaced with  Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass. We’ve been to Venice twice, as a child I collected blown-glass objects, and have you counted the windows in our house? Let’s just say we like our glass.

I’d actually seen the gardens in an old episode of Top Chef and was intrigued. It was the intended destination for my birthday back in September until we were exhausted by all the running around the rest of the week and decided to stay close to home.

We wound up with a lovely, sunny day—the perfect day to visit gardens. Just walking into the place brought a huge smile to my face.

It’s whimsy, and beauty, and sparkle.

It’s abundance, and exuberance, and fun.

So much art and imagination goes into each piece. I want a ceiling of glass.

No, wait, I want giant glass bowls.

Maybe I need a giant glass still life.

I loved the inside. It was amazing, and then we reached the atrium leading to the gardens.

Perhaps we need some color and excitement at our house. I’m sure a garden of glass would scare away the deer and racoons.

The monochromatic design of many of the flower bed was stunning.

If only …

Maybe we can just have a few small pieces.

Since we were there, the MR figured lunch at the Space Needle would be a great way to finish off the day. The food’s a bit pricey, but the trip to the top is included, and the view is amazing.

I remember when Sweet Miss was little, I used to pick up a loaf of french bread as soon as we arrived at the grocery store. For 99-cents, I bought a stress-free trip while she snacked.

Sometimes pairing necessities with something fun makes all the difference.

What do you do to make the everyday special?

(By-the-by, for the first time in over a year, none of our windows are broken. The fellows from Sound View were here yesterday, and the new pane went in without a hitch. Now to schedule the window films.)





3 thoughts on “Making the Most of It

  1. Oh wow, I would love to go see that sometime. I do think your home could handle several glass pieces with no problem. However, we recently did an outdoor show, and the sun was low in the sky, and the agate necklace was just in the right position and caught the side of the fabric bag that holds all my rings, on fire!!!!!!! I know, rather scary. I was able to put it out with out the flames, but maybe not having some huge glass object hanging from your ceiling might be a little risky, or exciting to say the least. My outlook, is : Every I wake up is good, and most days are even better. Grandma MeeMee

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