First Stop Miami

Earlier this month, we spent four days in Miami. We enjoy exploring a new city and seeing the sights. Neither of us have spent much time in the South—I don’t think Disney World really counts.

We didn’t know what to expect but were hoping for sunshine and a little heat in the midst of winter. We stayed at The Palms in an area known as “middle beach”. We had a lovely view, and the hotel backed up to the beach board walk. The MR made good use of it jogging in the mornings, and it gave us easy access to “south beach”.


Our first day, we stumbled upon the Art Deco District setting up for a fair. They have a visitor’s center and tours and all sorts of excitement for the architecture/Art Deco enthusiast. We chose to simply wander about taking in the sights.


We made sure to visit the everglades. Our tour picked us up at the hotel, and we were off. We’d wondered which direction they’d take us and were surprised to go just outside town to arrive at our destination. Miami appears to be next to (or perhaps in the middle of) a huge swamp.

One of our guides warned us not to try to take a photo next to any of the statues at the park, because they don’t have any statues…


Apparently, that’s been a bit of a problem. A knee-high fence seperated us from this beasty, but luckily alligators are afraid of humans. The guides explained that most attacks arise from people feeding gators, and thus no longer posing a threat in the animals’ minds. Crocodiles on the otherhand are much bigger and more aggressive.

After a short program, I had the opportunity to hold Snappy. This three-year-old alligator with his mouth bound was still at a manageable stage.


Then we were off to the fan boats by far my favorite part of the tour.


The guides give you earplugs as you step on the boat, so you know it’s going to be noisy. But I loved the wind, the spray, the birds in flight, and skimming across the water.


Alligators need to raise their bodies to a certain temperature in order to digest their food. That’s why you see them so often lying in the sun. The guides were able to point out animals right and left as we made our way through the park.


One morning, we walked to the Holocaust Memorial. This is a very disturbing place. What I thought were tarps on a table, I saw on second glance where statues of corpses. While it’s hard to think about the horrible loss of life, it’s important to remember what hate and intolerance leads to.


Our last day in Miami, we decided to check out Wynwood a neighborhood where arists have taken over the streets. Along with the established Wynwood Walls set aside for specific artists, the businesses around this area have embraced this form of expression covering their walls with paintings. I loved the energy and vibe of this neighborhood.


We had a bit of a crazy experience with our Uber driver. She thought Wynwood was ugly, so she took us to the downtown park marina. We then walked back to our original destination. On our way, we wandered throught the Museum Park which is still under construction. Some day it would be fun to explore the modern art museum and the science museum. Maybe the next time we visit, we’ll get past the front doors.


Living in a small town with a strong farming history, it’s fun to visit a city and get a chance to dress up and go out at night.


Even with four-inch heels, it’s a bit of a stretch getting the two of us in a selfie.

We checked out Los Fuegos at the Faena Hotel of first full day in the city. It was conveniently located within walking distance of the Palms, and I’d enjoyed listening to an interview with the chef on The Splendid Table (a podcast for foodies). Chef Francis Mallmann’s food preparation focuses on fire, so I knew it would be right up the MR’s alley. We arrived a bit early and enjoyed a drink in the very cool, retro bar before heading to our table. The food was great, and we enjoyed a relaxed evening there.

The next night, we wandered down the street to a tiny Italian restaurant. When they greated us with “buonasera”, I knew we were in the right place. I love stumbling on little mom and pop restaurants—good food and good people.

Our last night found us at the Broken Shaker. This is a hip-trendy place. Looking around, the clientelle resembled my kids way more than me. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the vine-covered bar area where we were seated. It reminded me of casual living room groupings rather than a regular bar. We didn’t have reservations, but the hostess told us on the phone that there was seating. She meant in the bar; we thought in the dining room. We shared some small bites and headed out. Next time, it pays to plan ahead when you’re headed to an up-and-coming place.


All in all, we had a good time in Miami. I didn’t get my Cuban coffee, I wouldn’t mind a more organized tour of the Art Deco district or Wynwood, and I’d like to visit the design district. I think we’ll just have to go back.

Ever visited Miami? What are some of your favorite vacation spots?

Put in your ear plugs for this fan boat video.  ​


2 thoughts on “First Stop Miami

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  2. 4″ heals????? Good heavens so glad you remained upright.and had a delicious meal…….with fire. We have mostly been to places, like you with a beachy relaxed atmosphere. However, we will experience a new type of vacation soon with you two. See you then. MeeMee

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