Winter Wonderland 

It was snowing when we went to bed last night. The MR said he’d just work from home. I figured I’d finally sew up those pillows I bought fabric for last June. I could always write my blog on my IPad. 

Then we woke to this. 

And no power. I’m just glad we have a couple cords of wood stacked up under the house. 

That means we’re nice and cozy for now. 

The girls came to visit this weekend to surprise the MR for his birthday. We enjoyed cards, and games, and movies. We explored our little downtown, went wine tasting, and tried out the new coffee shop. I just didn’t get a lot of chores done. 

Baking, dishes, and dirty clothes will have to wait for the power to come back on. We haven’t fired up the generator just yet. 

Some knitting and a few good books are calling. The snow will melt soon. 

How do you like to while away a storm?

P.S. Next time it snows, remind me to grind up a ton of coffee just in case. A French press isn’t much good with whole beans. 


4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland 

  1. Oh, I am so glad the girls came up to surprise your MR. He sounded sad when we called on his actual birthday. The girls hadn’t been up, and you were gone somewhere (he said he hadn’t given you enough lead time”, and he had to wait to celebrate till that evening. He does love all his girls!! Chores can always wait while you play with the girls. We drove through the snow coming back from St. George, UT while my sister and friend were here from Calif.,, and then for a couple of days in the mountains across the valley from us, and again last night!! So pretty. When we lived in WA, and it snowed, I did the same as you. Lit the fireplace, get a blanket and a book and read. I always loved it to snow while I was making out my Christmas cards. Good memories.

  2. Hoping you have your power back soon. We got ours back around 2:00 this afternoon. I have some ground coffee, if you want to borrow some. 😉

    • You’re very kind. Had the generator on for a bit yesterday to keep the fridge cool, charge phones, and grind coffee. An hour or two clearing the driveway warned us up and wore us out. Hoping for power sometime today. 😊

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