When a Tree Falls In the Woods…

Let it stay there. This is the after if our driveway clean up following the recent snows. Three-tenths of a mile filled with trees and limbs; I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 

How’d you weather the storm?


5 thoughts on “When a Tree Falls In the Woods…

  1. Well, we weathered your storm by having 70+ degree weather with sunshine and eating dinner on the patio.
    Desert life has its perks, but those trees left standing at your home are beautifully fantastic.

  2. You keep the snow send me the rain. Speaking of rain in your last picture it looked like the valley was flooded , was it or is it ?

    • Two of the local rivers are at Stage 1 flood levels. A foot of snow, lots of rain, strong winds, and thunder and lightning have added up to a crazy week. And the power is out again… We’ve got water over some roadways, and standing water in the fields, but the river is still within its banks at the moment.

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