Making My Own Sunshine

I’m not a trusting soul. When the weatherman last night promised sunshine, I took a wait and see attitude. The rains pelting the roof this morning were no surprise. 

Perhaps with only seven days without rain this year he was trying to throw us a bone. 

It is what it is. Eventually the sun will come out. Me and the MR spent the weekend apart, but we still had that couple’s intuition happening. He bought flowers for the outside, while Baby Girl and I chose flowers for the inside. 

I have a habit of buying vases and just leaving them sit there for days, weeks, months, years…. 

Now at least we have a bit of brightness in the great room. And while I love real flowers, these add cheer and won’t wilt. I do believe there’s room for both. 

I was telling the MR over dinner last night about how a rainy spring and moldy, hallucinogenic flour may have contributed to the medieval witch trials. It’s feeling like that kind of year. 

Don’t worry. I’m keeping an eye on the flour. 

How do you add a bit of sunshine to your world?

Me and BG purchased our flowers at Pier 1. If your interested in how chemistry changed the world, check out Napoleon’s Buttons by Jay Burreson. 


4 thoughts on “Making My Own Sunshine

  1. We moved to the desert 16 year ago. That is when we knew that having the sun shine every day…….especially in the morning, was what made us very, very happy. When we lived in the Pacific NW, anytime the sun came out, we would all rush outside at once, because you didn’t dare wait until later, as there was no guarantee that the sun would come out the next day. It took us quite awhile to get over that urgent feeling of fleeing into the out of doors and that we could squander a whole day,of sun and get things done inside even while the sun was shining outside.Right now Papa is cleaning all the carpet in the house, while the sun started shining this morning at 5:45 AM!! Desert life at this time of year is perfect, after May, it starts getting pretty darn hot. But it is more fun to stay inside because it is too bright, sunny, and too hot, than to stay inside because it is raining…….still and again.

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