It’s Not Going Away

You know how sometimes you ignore those little nuisances hoping they’ll just disappear? We’ve been doing that lately. We have a rattle that’s been driving me crazy. Let’s say you take 10 noisy refrigerators, stick them in a tiny room in your entry, close the door and pretend you don’t hear them. That’s kind of our problem except instead of refrigerators it’s the heating system that’s making all the noise. 

It’s taken me awhile to call because it’s just a little rattle, right? Before you know it, summer will be here and we won’t even need the heating system. Besides, when I call, they ask all these hard questions like is it the boiler? Or the heat pump? It’s the closet doesn’t seem accurate enough…

So a few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and made the call. Between my dad and the MR, I had a few key phrases to throw out. It sounds like a bearing is wearing out in the heat converter system. I’m pretty sure the lady on the phone could see right through me, but she scheduled a service call.

Sometimes a rattle is way more than a rattle—ugh. We have a leak in the system, major corrosion, seized up parts, and no heat. Hmm, maybe I should have called sooner. 

Apparently the tubing that runs under our feet and heats our floors lets in air that creates rust in the system. They have a plan, and they’ll be back, and they replaced the bad pump, so we now have heat. But yes, we still have that rattle. 

At least spring truly seems to have arrived with a string of rainless days. 

Every just ignore a rattle?


3 thoughts on “It’s Not Going Away

  1. I am sure in all our homes, 12 that we can remember, and possibly one ‘fast lived in’ we might have blocked from our mind’ that we have ignored a rattle or two. It is true, that we are ALWAYS working on something around the house that ‘is just not right, and needs to be made better’.Right now Papa feels ALL the carpeting needs shampooing. We have a high grade carpet, that is fairly light in color, and yes, we could slightly see some paths that we walk every day, but clean ALL the carpeting? Yep, all. So he is been at it nearly 2 weeks.. He started in our master closet, bathroom, and bedroom which took an entire week. He then continued onto the living room coming out of our bedroom and widens on the way to the kitchen. He uses reverse osmosis water that he buys and rinses and rinses until the water runs clear. He is now on his 45th gallon, as in this new section, is the sliding door to the out of doors that gets a lot of every day walking in and out.doors, and here in the desert when the wind blows, so does the dust.and he is having to rinse at least 10 times. We are having to make new ways to walk as we try to avoid the wet areas. Yawn, makes me tired however he is relentless, in his cleanliness, and will not stop until he feels he can say “job well done”..

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