Sweep & Scrub

I’ve been looking at the front porch lately thinking it needs a little help. The daphne I bought a few years ago just isn’t thriving. I need to buy some flowers or some shade plants that would add just the right punch of color.

But did I get around to it? No. And then we were having friends over for dinner, and our front porch looked like this.

We had spider webs, and bugs, and all sorts of nasty. In an effort to keep the daphne alive, I’d does it with some worm tea that overflowed all over the porch and runner. This is not warm and welcoming.

With picking up around the house, and getting things together for company, I didn’t have time to wander around looking for a plant for the front porch, so instead I grabbed my broom and swept away the dirt and dust. One of those magic erase sponges worked wonders on the plant ring and the threshold stains. A good hosing of the outdoor runner helped get rid of the worm tea.

Is is perfect? No. Is it warm and welcoming? I think so.

That's Cocoa's thumbs up ear in the photo. She likes this place, too.

I still want to do a little shopping and find some flowers for the step, but this time I think I’ll go for annuals, so when they die I won’t feel like a failure. And maybe the pillow from the little bench remake would be a better size for the chair.

Baby Girl’s painting is getting a little worn, but I can always swap it out for another one she made. And the MR has been power washing the deck this week (think of all those white railings), so maybe I can ask him to power wash the runner, too.

So many things I could do, but for now I’m happy with my sweep and scrub.

When has a little elbow grease worked wonders for you?

You can check out other plants I’ve killed in the name of a pretty front porch here and https://bigwhitehouseonthehill.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/first-impressions/ and https://bigwhitehouseonthehill.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/not-any-other-way/






5 thoughts on “Sweep & Scrub

  1. Wow, your efforts really made the front look wonderful. However, that is how it always looks when we are visiting there.I mentioned in the last blog, that Papa has been cleaning our carpets in all the rooms. I have been busy with other things, so yesterday was my first ‘free’ day, all day, so I cleaned the kitchen cupboards. We have had so much wind this winter, that they were pretty dusty inside from neglect……..well not now! and I feel marvelous to have finally cleaned the space that I look at every day. I do clean the fronts, and counter tops on a daily basis, but not so the inside. Today, I will do some ironing, because tomorrow I am helping a friend who is catering a luncheon for 80+women in honor of Mothers Day. Happy Mother’s day to you Kim!! Love from your mother-in-law, and friend, Mary Kay

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