Striping It Orange

Something about this blanket makes me insanely happy.

Those bright stripes remind me of beach towels and cabanas, of summer and sunshine, of carefree, easy days.

I know, I know, somewhere in the world the sun is shining and summer is just around the corner. Well, here I listened to the torrential downpour as I lay in bed at 5 am, and I was thankful when the temps rose above 50-degrees. Yes, this is mid-May not mid-November. We have snow in the passes this week and an insane amount of rain here in the lowlands.

While the rest of the country is enjoying spring, we’re trapped in winter, so I’m clinging to my orange blanket and just a little hope.

It was only last week that I decided to put away the winter decor with the gray wool blanket the MR brought back from Iceland and the silly bird with earmuffs that’s graced the mantel since Christmas. Maybe Mother Nature is subject to the power of suggestion. I’m telling you now; we’re ready for spring here.

How do you combat the winter blues in your neck of the woods?

By the by, this isn’t a new purchase. I’ve gotten into the habit of rotating items seasonally. This was a lovely blanket I picked up a few years ago on a shopping spree with Baby Girl.  We bought pillows and blankets and other accessories to set the mood. Once upon a time, it found its home on a little chair by the fireplace, but I really like it nestled amongst the indoor plants on my reading chair. Check it out here.




2 thoughts on “Striping It Orange

  1. I am so sorry, but living in the desert we rarely get long winters with rain and no sun. Due to the storms in the west, we have been dealing with lots of really strong wind. I am now cleaning inside the cupboards of the kitchen, polishing silverware, going through, and tossing out, or giving to the Thrift Stores in town, my closets. All our cacti are bloom again with bright yellow, and pink saucer size blooms, no matter what size the cacti is. It makes us laugh to see these teeny 10 inch tall plants with the enormous blooms. We will see you soon. Love, MeeMee

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