A Little Contrast Please

So remember last month when I showed you the new bedspread with lots of pattern that made the textured shams look less exciting?

Too much pattern, not enough contrast, something had to be done. Well, the new linen shams have arrived. 

They came in this sweet little bag. 

 Don’t you just love it when stores take the extra effort to make their product feel special? 

I went with plain dark gray linen shams that don’t fight with the pattern in the spread. 

 They’re less fussy, more relaxed, almost “schleppy” in a good way. Maybe they’re a reflection of us?

Maybe this will be our summer look, and I’ll get all fussy again come winter. For now, we’re just enjoying the comfort of a good night’s sleep. 

Making any changes to your well-dressed bed?

You can see the before at The Trickle Down effect or go way back and see The beginnings of the old shams


4 thoughts on “A Little Contrast Please

  1. I LOVE THEM!!! Good choice. Also schlepie is a very good word………to bad the dictionary does not know it. MeeMee

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