Now Listen to That

The MR gets excited about technology, and sound, flat screens, plasma, and all that stuff. Since I am not a connoisseur of these things, I just let him go to town, and do what he sees fit.

For the last few years, we’ve had our TV where the built-in, drop-down screen of the previous owners used to be. It’s in the same spot; you’d think the sound would be OK–not so much. The MR replaced the crackly back speakers ages ago, and he swapped out the yellowed and ugly side speakers with new sleaker models. So we’re golden, right? No.

The side speakers where set into the pillars twenty feet to either side of the screen. Now the great room is big, but it’s not that big.  All those little background noises that are supposed to add to the excitement of the movie would have me up checking to see what the dog was doing in the kitchen.

The problem was, we have only 13.5 inches between each window. So the MR has been searching long and hard to find new speakers that are nice and skinny. A few weeks ago, they arrived, and he was able to install them with little fuss–I only had to stick my hand in the wall a few times, and the phone calls between the crawl space and the main room all remained friendly.

If you look carefully at the picture on the right, you can see where the new speaker is going in a mere four feet from the television and the placement of the old speaker under the sconce about 20 feet from the TV.

The new speakers from KEF are just five inches wide. The MR had them installed and all the patching and painting done in a jiffy. He is quite handy. And here they are in all their glory.

I know you can barely see them, but they’re not there to be decorative. It’s all about the sound my friends. And guess what? Even me with my undiscerning ears can tell a difference. These babies are nice. Suddenly, we can understand all those actors with crazy accents on our favorite shows.

Chalk one up for the MR–well done. Patience and preseverance paid off.

Making any upgrades at your house?

Just for old times sake, I dug out this photo from the past. Remember the coffin-like coffee table and the pop-up projector that triggered the screen? It sure was something. 

I also found this picture of Little Buddy. Bogart sure had a way of getting into the photos.  He was a good dog.




It’s Gotta Make Sense

I’m old enough to remember when you had to get up to change the channel. When I was little, we had a color TV in the living room and a little black-and-white  in the rec room. When we moved to a new house, the color tube was going out and we enjoyed a green-and-white TV for a while. It didn’t matter what color it was, you still had to get up, walk across the room, and turn the knob.

Nowadays, that’s unheard of. Can you imagine hopping out of a nice warm bed to turn off the TV after the evening news? Television sets don’t come with knobs and changing the channel manually is next to impossible to figure out. We have come to rely heavily on our remote controls. Not just for the TV, but for the DVD, Roku, Satellite, and there’s probably more that I’m forgetting. It’s simple; you just grab the remote, aim it at the TV, and push the button.

Well, it used to be simple, but then we moved the furniture (remember?). When we moved things around, we bought a new media cabinet that’s really nice-looking, but just doesn’t work under the TV. So the Mr moved it to the fireplace pit.


Since the benches around the fireplace are extremely uncomfortable, no one sits there, so it’s perfect–sort of. It totally throws off the symmetry of the fireplace, and pointing the remote at the TV no longer works. Doesn’t this look comfortable?

Remote Model

That’s my lovely Baby Girl a few hours before she headed off to Spain and Paris for two weeks. She’s a good sport to humor her crazy mother when I maker her pose for photos.

Sometimes things just gotta make sense. The Mr came up with a fix–actually a buddy of his told him how to fix the situation, but the Mr bought and installed it so he gets credit. Anyways, he bought an infrared repeater and put it in next to the TV. Apparently, we have a few unused face plates from the musical chairs we’ve been playing with components. So now, you point the remote at the TV, and the repeater bounces the signal to the device–easy peasy. I’m so glad I don’t have to do this, understand this, or make it happen. The most I’m called on to do is stick my hand in the wall and grab wires occasionally.

Now we’re settling in and checking it out to make sure the system works well. If we’re happy with it, we’re going to move the DVD player and all that other fun stuff to the mechanical room in the entry–out of sight–thus restoring symmetry without losing our gadgets.

Sometimes life was simpler way back when, when all you had to do was walk across the room and turn a knob.

Do remote controls give you headaches?