February Flew By

Last month started with the MR’s birthday, and a visit from our sweet girls and ended with a quick trip to Oregon to see them in turn. Two visits with our kids in a month is rather delightful.

Sandwiched between those was a lot of rain, a lot of snow, and a lot of crazy. In Winter Wonderland I shared the joys of snow outside and a cozy fire inside which led to questions and a whole blog on the History of Our Fireplace. It’s gone through a lot of changes over the past five years. Remember the conversation pit and the green carpet?


When a Tree Falls in the Woods, I asked that it stay off our driveway. Me and the MR worked up a sweat clearing branches, small trees, limbs, and debris from our only way out.


Of course that wasn’t the end of travel woes. All the snow and rain—it’s been the wettest February on record in Seattle since 1961—caused part of the road up our hill to collapse into a steep ravine. (Check out Winter Storms & Prepping for Spring.) They are working on it, but for now we have another one lane road to navigate on the way home.

With the power out, no TV, trapped at home, that gave me lots of time to knit, right? What should have been a good thing turned into trouble when hand-dyed shade variations showed up in a big way on my fingering-weight cardigan edged in lace. I’m still mourning the loss or maybe pouting is a better word for it. This is one time when Following the Rules would have paid off in a big way.


On the positive side, How’s That for Color? featured our picks for new carpet in three of the bedrooms. Baby Girl has a ton of stuff, so her bedroom will have to wait until she totally moves out. One of our color choices is in production and should be available in mid-March, so we’ve had the rooms measured, made a down payment, and are just waiting a few weeks to schedule installation.

For me, The Best Part of Winter is getting up before the sun. I could probably do it during the summer, but 4 am comes awfully early. I love watching the everchanging sky in the mornings.


With more snow this week, enough to delay schools but not enough to keep us trapped at home, I did notice how pretty the front doors are with their mountains backlit with real snow.


Cocoa agrees with me, of course.

For March, I’m hoping for fewer storms and a better attitude. While there’s nothing I can do about the first, I’m working on the second.

How was your February?



Winter Storms & Prepping for Spring

The snow and rain this past month has brought its share of headaches. 

The MR spent a few days straightening posts and redoing the netting over the orchard. The weight of the snow had caused it to collapse. 

We got by with just a few broken branches. Taking a closer look, the MR noticed that the critters who tore up our grapes last fall had also damaged the vines. He took the opportunity to remove the bottom wire of the grape trellis, so the grapes wouldn’t hang on the ground. 

Although it snowed every day last week, it was sunny by afternoon. So the MR did some careful pruning to the fruit trees and bushes, fertilized the trees, and applied a dormant spray. The orchard is ready for spring. 

He also began work on a French drain for a low spot in the driveway which sports a puddle half the year. In his preliminary digging he came across a large rock just shy of 12-inches deep. After a lot of hard work, he decided a 10-inch drain would be the better choice; it’s on order. 

The big news isn’t on our property; it’s on the one road leading to the 60-plus homes on our hill. With the heavy rains this month, the road began collapsing into a deep ravine. I did mention that this is the ONE and only road leading up the hill, right?

The county has added some drainage, filled in, and paved over the uphill shoulder. During the week, they posted half hour waits, and this past weekend it was one hour waits to get through the construction zone. 

I’m hoping we’re safe for the moment and thankful that no one has been hurt. Over the weekend, the county was taking core samples. Maybe they’ll show that our hillside is going to stay put. 

Any storms headed your way? How are you preparing for spring?

Stormy Days

We’ve all read that classic scary tale that starts off: It was a dark and stormy night.  I feel like that perfectly captures our days lately, but rather than night, our story would begin: It was a dark and stormy day…


The gloomy skies are a total contrast to the joy of Christmas with the girls and Sweet Miss’ Fella home. We had food, and gifts, and excitement. Our whole local family was here on Christmas Day. We played games and gathered around our new table. Laughter filled the air.


Maybe we just have to make our own sunshine. 

And Then There Was June

I was at a BBQ last weekend when a friend asked how it was going with Baby Girl home from college. Well honey that’s just the start. June has been a month of changes around here. Not tear off the lower deck, reside the girls’ wing, resurface the floors, move tons of dirt and build retention walls changes.

It’s the MR takes a four-month leave of absence from work, it’s celebrate Sweet Miss’ graduation from college, it’s welcome Baby Girl home from her freshman year away at school, and enjoy two weeks of company kind of change. My day times of solitude have turned into a houseful overnight. Oh, and did I mention Cocoa doesn’t quite know how to behave like a dog now that she’s an only? She doesn’t want to hunt mice on her own; I have to show her how to fetch the ball. Sleeping alone is scary, and are you sure 2:30 isn’t an appropriate time to get up for the day?

Maybe that’s why I’ve only posted a few times this month. I was thinking about it. The blog is really my “thing”, so I try not to let it impact the family too much. I usually take pictures and write posts when the MR is at work and the girls are at school or off with friends. Suddenly, with so much family time, I need to rethink my schedule. It’s all an adjustment. And to be honest, I’m really happy not to have work men here all hours of the day and night. It’s nice to just be family.

So here’s the wrap up of our June.

We started the month of with Sweet Red Gems (more prosaically known as currants) and ended the month with a whole bevy of fruit in Garden & Orchard Updates.  We’ve eaten currants and chicken, currant shortbread bars, currant crisp, and I’m still dreaming of those currant chocolate cupcakes—I have a thing for chocolate. I do believe my family may be getting tired of currants. Don’t worry, we have apples, and plums, and blueberries to come.

Garden Plums & Valley

Me and the MR’s folks even made it to the berry farm down the road for some luscious raspberries. Lemon-currant-raspberry popsicles are on the menu. And the tiny baby beets I saved from critters were quite tasty in last night’s salad. Remember when I talked about the seed exchange and the farmer who grew giant, striped pumpkins? Well, that just might be in our future, too.

J Pumpkin Starts

While this house is open, and pretty, and comfortable inside, our eyes are constantly drawn to the outside, to the view, to the mountains, and trees, and river with its valley. That’s why I post pictures of Summer Storms, and clouds, and birds, and sunsets.

Storm Rainbow

And that’s one reason why we spend so much time out on the deck, The MR bought some new outdoor seating, and I added A Little Color, a Little Softness in the form of pillows. I know I promised a tutorial. Instead, it was so easy, I was inspired to buy more fabric for more pillows. A tutorial is in the future; hold your horses.

Outdoor Seating 2

I thought my sewing was going to be limited to pillows for a while, but no. Remember the blanket I made for Sweet Miss? (Check out A Piece of My Heart.) Her blanket looks lovely.


Her blanket was in response to the one I made for Baby Girl when she graduated from high schoo. This blanket looks well loved. It’s supposed to symbolize a hug from home, so I guess she missed me now and then.

J Blanket Collage

I bought some more yarn and will be seaming the hexagons together this time. Sweet Miss’ blanket is mostly wool and made up of smaller motifs, so I’m hoping it’ll stand up better to use.

And finally, I shared some weeds from my yard in Simply Pretty.


I remember when me and the MR moved into our first house. We met the older lady who lived across the street and I complimented her on the stand of pink flowers growing next to the mailboxes in her yard. She tossed my compliment aside and said she called them Myong’s weeds. She’d received some from another neighbor and they were trying to take over. We’ve had poppies scattered across the back yard in stands, crocosmia clumps spreading next to the fence, and yes, Myong’s weeds (better known as rose campion) filling in neglected corners. I saw some campion at the top of the driveway; maybe I’ll add some more beatuiful weeds to the meadow.

Early this month, we were focused on visiting Sweet Miss and celebrating her graduation along with The Fella’s.


We really are quite proud of these two. It’s been four years of hard work, and they have a bright future ahead of them.

While Sweet Miss has been exploring Scandanavia with a high school chum, Baby Girl has been taking classes and found a summer job. The MR has lots of projects for his time off, and I’ve been working on all sorts of things on the agenda.

It’s been a good month.

How was your June?


River Views

Me and the MR enjoyed a rare winter afternoon out on the deck yesterday.  Our warm weather hangout doesn’t see much use this time of year.

It’s not just the rain that keeps us inside; when the sun sets, it just too cold. Winter has opened up our view of the river. With the leaves gone, we can see both loops of our meandering stream.

River View

I was talking to my dad the other day and realized I may have given my readers a wrong impression.  My aunt had asked him if the river was still flooded. I posted pictures months ago; our river usually floods for a few days at most.

Let’s go back to my Geology 101 class and get a little technical.  The Snoqualmie Valley is a large U-shaped valley, with an underfit stream, carved out by glaciers thousands of years ago.  We have a lot of these valleys in this part of the country.  We do have standing water in the lowlands currently after receiving several inches of rain last week, but the roads are open for the moment.

So Aunt Doris, flooding is an intermittent problem during the rainy season (especially when coupled with warm temperatures and melting snow-pack), but we’re certainly not trapped all winter long.  Thank you for your concern.

That’s not to say the ground isn’t plenty wet.  Our silly dogs make the most of an afternoon of leisure outside.  Bogart sits and chews on his toys, but Cocoa goes off exploring and comes back sopping wet and smelling strongly of dirt.


It’s the price we pay for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

How do you escape winter weather?




Check Out January

This month, we talked about the weather, spending time with family, maintenance, and gardening (both indoors and out), but the big news was the furniture.

Our order from Room & Board came in, and we finally have a cohesive look in the great room.

Great Room with pillows & throw

The most oft asked question is whether all those new couches and chairs are comfortable. Well, we tried them all out in the showroom, and our interior designer steered us towards Room & Board because their furniture is comfortable and well-made. That being said, our pieces aren’t as “broken in” as those in the store–after all, it’s been just the three of us rather than thousands of shoppers sitting on them.

We are definitely getting used to our new set-up, and we love the new look. We’ve been able to get rid of the two leather loveseats the former owners left behind through a local trading post and a friend who’s setting up a vacation/retirement home. She’s been sitting on camp chairs, so this is a step up. For more photos, check out Orders Up

We added three new plants inside this month. The Christmas cactus was a lovely gift.

TChristmas Cactus 017he rest were impulse buys when we were out shopping for new pots in Indoor Gardening. But who could resist this cute little guy?



January is a wonderful time of year for foggy mornings and beautiful sunsets. I do love Mount Rainier peaking over the hills. You can check out other weather photos at Fog, Flood, and Fire.



And if you want a really pretty sunrise photo over the ocean, check out our big fishing trip in Making the Time. Baby Girl was quite proud of her catch.

BG & her fish


With the new year, I’ve resolved to get organized. It’ll probably never happen, but I’m working on it. In Getting Maintenance in Order, I talked about setting up an Excel spreadsheet. Did I do it? No, but I do have a nice list of maintenance from the last year listed in the post, plus Lighting It Up gave me something new to add. One of the lights has since stopped working. The MR will have to take a look before I give Alive Electric another call. We’ll have to check and see if his handy trick will work again.

I know the east coast has been having some major blizzards, but not to gloat or anything, it was in the 60’s over the weekend. When you have a clear day in winter, it’s not a bad idea to check out the Winter Garden. You just might find some surprises like this.

Carrots 3


Those carrots I forgot about were busy doing their thing–that means growing into sweet, crunchy goodness without a bit of help from me.

It’s been a crazy mixed bag of stuff for January, and I promise February will be just as random. We have new furniture, the garden show, some sewing and crafting, and plenty of surprises just around the corner.

How has 2015 been treating you?

(By the way, WordPress has changed their format, and frankly I’m struggling with the new interface. Hoping it all goes back to normal soon. Thanks for sticking with me.)